Digitization of asset information is an important key
to automation of and realizing efficiency of asset
management. To help our customers achieve this,
YOKOGAWA is proposing “Device Lifecycle Management”

Device Lifecycle Management (DM10) is
an asset information management
support service that centrally manages
digitized asset data of devices owned
by customers

DM10 is an asset information management
support service that centrally manages digitized asset data of devices owned
by customers. By centrally managing asset data and its maintenance actions,
customers can quickly and easily refer to documents as compared with paper
based asset information management systems.



Centralized device list

"Device ledger” by centralizing the customers' device information and device statistics according to status (e.g. spare devices, installed devices, discarded devices)


Collaboration with existing

Equipment information uploaded to the DM10 portal from YOKOGAWA's shipping database can be easily exported to existing equipment maintenance management systems, such as CMMS, reducing manual input and human errors.


Easily check maintenance
activity for each tag

Maintenance actions carried out on each tag are recorded in the portal. Maintenance history records can be used to detect potential problems and improve plant stability.


Compatibility search

Compatibility between broken devices and spare devices can be easily checked. This helps in speeding up the response during equipment failures.

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Mobile Application *

A mobile application that improves the ease and accuracy of on-site operations is also provided. Maintenance actions carried using the mobile application are automatically uploaded to the DM10 portal, creating a way by which managers can learn from feedback by the maintenance staff in order to improve the ease and accuracy of on-site operations.

Instant access to device documents

You can instantly refer to device documentation and check operating procedures on-site.

Instant confirmation of
compatibility between devices

You can easily check the compatibility
between spare device and broken device.

* Currently available in Android OS only

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