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yokogawa plc stardom new

The FCN-500 has evolved with Excellence ×2

The STARDOM Autonomous Controller FCN was enhanced and renewed as the FCN-500 with the concept of "Faster, Stronger, Smarter."
With the birth of a new unit extension module, "E2 bus interface module", the FCN-500 has further evolved with Excellence x2, excellent scalability and excellent reliability.

Triple I/O points

With the "E2 bus interface module," the maximum numbers of extendable units and modules have been greatly increased.
With one CPU module, the maximum number of units that can be controlled is three times greater (9 units), and the maximum number of modules is 79.
Now it can also support larger systems.

100 times the range

The I/O modules can be remotely distributed.
The maximum transmission distance between units has been extended to 100 m. The total distance is up to 800 m, 100 times farther than before.
By converting the copper cable to fiber optic cable, the distance can be extended even further.

Duplex bus

Duplex configuration is available
for the "E2 bus interface module" and cables.
With the duplex "E2 bus interface module," the control does not stop even in case of a bus line failure, ensuring a highly reliable system.

Flexibility in base module size

A more compact base module has been added to the existing lineup.
Select from three sizes of base module depending on the application for more effective use of space.

High maintainability

Remotely distributed units have high maintainability such as through module status indication and hot-swappable module change during operations.

High environmental resistance

As the ambient temperature range of each distributed unit is -20 to 70 degrees Celsius, the units can operate stably in harsh environments.

yokogawa plc stardom new

yokogawa plc stardom new

yokogawa plc stardom new

yokogawa plc stardom new

yokogawa plc stardom new

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