Sushi Sensor XS770A


Industrial IoT is driving the growth of wireless sensors being deployed to digitize field data. There is tremendous innovation in this space, driven by technology convergences and advances in miniaturization.
Sushi Sensor is an OpreX™ brand wireless solution for the Industrial IoT. The first product XS770A can measure vibration and surface temperature to monitor machine or facility conditions for industrial applications. Also it has environmental resistance features to support heavy-duty use (IP66/67, explosion proof).

Sushi Sensor System

Monitoring and visualizing the condition of equipment utilizing Sushi Sensor is the first step to make the plant maintenance more efficient.
Sushi Sensor will be a strong tool for reforming the plant maintenance works in combination with advanced analytics such as AI, machine learning in a cloud.

More technical details: Yokogawa Technical Report Vol.61 No.1 (2018) “Sushi Sensor”

Q and A

QHow is the release schedule for market other than Japan ?


Sushi Sensor XS770A has already released in Japan. It will be delivered to Europe in March 2019.
For areas other than Europe, Yokogawa is making efforts to expand regions by getting local certifications such as explosion proof and radio.

QWhat is a target to be measured ?


Sushi Sensor can measure vibration and surface temperature of production facilities and equipment.

QWhat is a purpose of use ?


Conventionally, equipment inspection relies heavily on the experience and intuition of individual field operators.
Sushi Sensor can support and assist such operators to monitor the health of plant equipment and detects signs of abnormality by measuring vibration and surface temperature instead of routine operator rounds or periodic inspections.

One hour cycle data collection is expected for Sushi Sensor operation. It is more frequent than collecting data by operator rounds.

By digitizing, quantifying and visualizing measured data, Sushi Sensor can notify signs of anomaly of plant equipment.

QWhat are target facilities and equipment ?


Major targets of Sushi Sensor are pumps, motors and other rotating machines which are usually monitored by vibration and surface temperature through operator rounds. But the application is not limited to those rotating machines. However various applications are expected.

QWhat is LoRaWAN ?


LoRaWAN is one of the LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) communication protocols and is an open standard focusing on IoT. The main features are long-distance and low-power communication for battery-driven devices. LoRaWAN enables plant-wide coverage wireless infrastructure, and it brings sensor installation and operation easily.

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