Time to Digitally Transform Your Heat Treatment Furnaces

It is required to digitalize all recorders and controllers *Nadcap/AMS2750Gby June 2022and *IATF16949/CQI-9by June 2023.

It is required to digitalize all recorders and controllers *Nadcap/AMS2750G by June 2022 and *IATF16949/CQI-9 by June 2023.

Digitization makes it possible to support IoT and utilize AI technology

Heat treatment for the aerospace industry Nadcap/AMS2750G

Nacap is an international certification system for special processes in the aerospace industry that is operated by the Performance Review Institute (PRI) in the United States.
AMS2750G is a standard related to pyrometry for equipment used for the thermal processing for aerospace parts. In June 2022, F was revised to G.

Heat treatment for the automotive industry IATF16949/CQI-9

IATF16949 is an international standard related to quality management systems specific to the automotive industry. Many of the world's manufacturers have adopted it as a global procurement standard.
CQI-9 is a "Special Process: Heat Treatment System Assessment" enacted by the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG).

Let us digitalizeyour heat treatment furnaces!

YOKOGAWA's recorders (SMARTDAC+) and controllers (UTAdvanced) meet the demands of Nadcap/AMS2750G and IATF16949/CQI-9.


Measurement accuracy

Paperless recorders for batch process and Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS) applications

Accuracy within ±1.0°F or ±0.6°C(or ±0.5°F or ±0.3°C for types K, N, J, and T)

portable model
Convenient portable model for use as test instruments
Panel-mount model
Panel-mount model for use as on-site instruments

Digital indicating controllers for precise thermal asset operation

digital indicating controller

Access security

Login password prevents unauthorized operation

A variety of security features for digital indicating controllers used by operators, such as password-based parameter protection and key lock.
digital indicating controller

Data security

Measured data is saved in secure tamper-proof data files

Data redundancy within the recorder
Data redundancy within the recorder
Proprietary binary data is tamper-proof
binary data
Auto-transfer of data via FTP
data via FTP
Apply electronic signatures
Apply electronic signatures

Batch information

Batch information can be recorded along with the measured data

Batch information
Connect a bar code reader for easier operation
bar code reader
Batch information
- Batch number
- Lot number
- Batch comment

Custom TUS reports

Easily create TUS reports from recorded data files on your PC

TUS reporting software
TUS reporting software

SAT reports

Automate SAT report generation

SAT reports

Download materials

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Download the whitepaper how our products fulfill the requirementsfrom AMS2750G and CQI-9